Characteristics of Urban Maglev Vehicles

1Curvature Design

Curvature Design

A unique design that is based on the traditional Koreanceladon, a vital aspect of traditional Korean beauty.Incorporating the elegant traditional curvature andappearance of the honey-comb pattern showingthe up-to-the-minute technology.

2LED Lighting

LED Lighting

The lighting system is entirely composed of LEDs to save energy.

3Light-weight Carbody

Light-weight Carbody

Carbody weight has been reduced with the Single Skin
Aluminum Extrusion Technology.

4Bogie System

Bogie System

Advanced steering mechanism provides
excellent curve running performance.

5Levitation Magnet

High performance Levitation Magnet

The long pole levitation magnet system reducesdrag force while providing levitation andrunning stability.

6Brake System

Brake System

The Electro-hydraulic and pneumatic braking provides excellent
braking performance.

7Propulsion System

Propulsion System

An optimized control algorithm provides enhanced running
performance and environment-friendliness with minimized

8Misted Windows

Misted Windows

The window shading function protects the
privacy of urban residents.

9High Quality Seats

Super-light-weight High Quality Seats

Seat layout and design is customizable forvarious applications. Super-lightweight cushions arehighly resistant against flame and wear.

10Plug-in Type Door

Plug-in Type Door

The door system provides excellent soundproofing and heat
insulation performance.

11Emergency Situations

Auxiliary Power System for Emergency Situations

Stable levitation is maintained for at least 30 seconds after
power failure. The backup battery system is eco-friendly and
easy to maintain.

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