Characteristics of
Urban Maglev Guideway Structure

The slim guideway structure is designed for a perfect harmony with urban landscapes.
The low-noise maglev requires no soundproof wall. Its environment-friendly low-vibration system and highly refined designs
make the maglev service a main attraction to the urban area where it is offered.

Construction cost is reduced by girder-type, slab-free structure.

The catenary lines are installed on the side of the girders toensure a cleaner and simpler aesthetic.

Negligible noise/vibration during operation eliminates the need forvibration and noise prevention measures such as soundproof walls.

A notable landmark characterized by a slim design thatharmonizes with the urban landscape.

Urban maglev is an advanced and environmentallyfriendly transportation system, will attract the favorof community.

slabs free, girder only guideway is slim, slender, and aesthetically appealing.
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