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RETD Co. Ltd. is a South Korean firm, that was established in July 2015.
We were given the important duty to implement the commercialization
and introduction of Maglev trains both domestically and internationally.

RETD was established in conjunction with various institutions under
the Urban Maglev Program and works with various organization such
as KIMM to bring about the “globalization of maglev trains.” RETD
not only provides the initiative to strengthen Korea’s high tech maglev
train and core competitiveness, but also acts as the main agent to
collaborate internationally with global governments/partners and
set important milestones in maglev R&D.

RETD Co. LTD’s Net Stream engages in the continued innovation
of urban areas through cooperative economic development
by implementing efficient, and productive TOD areas.

RETD adheres to independent and open innovations, as well as
collaborative innovations. Continuing to devote ourselves to
develop the world's leading Maglev Transit Technology Platform,
and striving to transform and commercialize our transportation
infrastructure, and transit policies into global business innovations.

Faced with new starting points, new opportunities and challenges,
"We will collaborate internationally on goals that are based on global
resource compositions via the expansion of the maglev train
infrastructure, global vision, open thinking, management,
industrial development, and as well as business and
technology innovations.

We always actively promote, innovation, improving business quality,and contribute to the world's best maglev train transport infrastructures.

We believe that by working with the international communities,we will move forward in creating a better and more sustained future.
– Helping mankind take a new step forward towards the future via Maglevtechnology.

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