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Eco-Friendly DREAM

Even the smallest noise can hurt the tender blossoms around us.

The Center for Urban Maglev Program is devoted in protecting the environment by providing urban transportation that emits very low noise and vibration.

Our cities will now lead their citizens to a more sustainable and harmonized lifestyle in a greener environment surrounded by fully bloomed flowers.

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The Solution to
the Traffic Problem

Many urban and developing areas still suffer from lots of car trafficjamsand need a rational and viable solution to solve this growing crisis.Urban Maglev Trains are the future solution for transit and traffic problemseither economically or environmentally.

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Development of TOD

- Human- Transit Centered city development through multiplex station development

People or visitors like travelers want to have convenient accessto shopping, cultural experience, convenient facilities, and high-qualityforms of accommodation that are near and easily accessible to transportation.

What if it comes in “one”? Development of multiplex stationTOD’s will be new landmarks in the city attracting businesses, jobs, and tourists.

People will enjoy all facilities in multiplex- multiuse stations whileurban maglev operates in and out of the station. With nearly eachstation acting as a economic, residential, and tourist hub for allusers and for a better future.

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